Speech of boss of this school for new students.

My school is pleased to welcome new students. I am boss of this school. Boss of teachers, you know. So now, I speak English. Maybe English. Not Japanese. Because we need English, I speak English. Why we need English?

I have a episode. I always go to Philippine Pub. There is a very beautiful girl, her name is Stephanie. Stephanie told me that her mother is hard ill. So she need money. I was very shocked. I gave money, smartphone, brand bags.

One day, I went to Pub with English teacher, Tanaka san. Stephanie was talking with smartphone. Tanaka san told me that Stephanie's mother is going on a sightseeing trip to Hawaii now. Stephanie speak English with her mother. All my vocabulary of English were "Fuckin' Jap". Oh, fuck off, her mother was not hard sick! What the hell is going on? I gave money. But, non touch, non kiss, non sex! Oh, My money, my love!  Damn fucking bitch!

Ah, do you understand? You understand. I studied English. Next, you'll study English. So, in this school, you must speak English. And I do not go to Philippine Pub. I go to Chinese massage. Well, sometime you will need speak Chinese, maybe.